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Spring boot: YAML multiple datasources

How to configure multiple datasources in Srping boot using YAML. (Updated)

Alfresco: SSO with the external auth subsystem

An example how to setup the external authentication subsystem with SSO.

Alfresco create patch

How to create a simple Alfresco patch.

Alfresco canned queries

Introduction to Alfresco canned queries.

Drools: example of named consequences

Use case, document permission system.

Gnome shell: my first extension

Display in the top panel data retrieved from a web site.

Darcula theme for Pygments

Pygments is the code highlighter I use with Jekyll for my blog.

Alfresco: how to debug Solr queries

A couple of tips about debugging Solr queries with Alfresco.

Spring boot: use YAML to configure log4j2

Example of using YAML to configure log4j2 on a Spring boot application.

Java Http client and Json

Simple example of a Post request using http client from the Apache HTTP Components 4.5 (Java 7).